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Call for Papers

The 22nd BIEN Congress “Basic Income in Reality”

Wed. 23rd to Sat. 26th August 2023

Seoul + online platform


The 22nd BIEN Congress will be held in Seoul, Korea in an online and offline hybrid form, from August 23 to 26, 2023. We invite academics, researchers, policy makers, advocates and activists interested in UBI.

The theme of the Congress is “Basic Income in Reality”. With this theme, we want to make it a contest to look at the lessons left by the basic income movement and agenda, such as the various basic income pilots and institutionalization efforts that have been attempted so far, and to seek a new direction for a new start.

We hope the 22nd BIEN Congress will serve as a forum for rich discussions with academics, researchers, policy makers, activists, and supporters interested in basic income.

The topics of the Congress theme, “Basic Income in Reality,” are as follows.
(This topics are not intended to limit the scope of the discussion, but to set as references for a broader discussion.)


1) Basic income in reality
When the ideal basic income meets reality, what alternatives emerge competing with basic income? What role do those alternatives play?
For example: NIT, Participation income, Universal basic service, the Job Guarantee.

2) Framing Basic income in reality
When basic income meets reality, how is basic income framing in the media, party politics, and civil society?

3) Basic income, commons, commoning
At what point does basic income come into contact with the theory of commons and commoning, and how can they influence each other?

4) Basic income and Climate justice
What role can basic income play in the process of a just transition to overcome the climate crisis?

5) Basic income and gender
Can basic income aid the redefinition of traditional gender roles?

6) Basic income and digital/platform capitalism
What is the relationship between digital capitalism and basic income?

7) Basic income, inequality and poverty
Can basic income be an alternative to reducing poverty and inequality?

8) Basic income and health
What role could basic income play in reducing the experience and costs of physical and mental ill-health?

9) Economics of Basic Income
How would basic income affect economic growth, labour supply and inflation?

10) Politics of Basic Income
“What has been the political dynamics around the basic income? What is the political possibilities and pitfalls of various basic income’s’ promoted and contested as such?”

11) Basic income movement
Who is the subject of the basic income movement? What role can unions, traditional agents of social transformation, play in the basic income movement? How is the basic income movement possible in an individualized society?

12) Basic income and the creative arts
What role can basic income play in supporting the creative arts and artists in contemporary society?

13) Others

The official languages of the 22nd BIEN Congress are English and Korean.

In the plenary sessions, simultaneous interpretation services will be provided. In the concurrent sessions, the presentations of English sessions will be online (for presenters attending virtually) or hybrid (for presenters attending the Congress in-person). Presentations of Korean sessions will mostly be hybrid (held in-person and broadcasted virtually).

Those who want to present should submit an application by April 30th, 2023. Please fill out your name, email address, presentation language, presentation topic, presentation title, abstract (length: within 300 words in English) at the application form below and click the [Submit] button to complete your application.

If you have any questions, please send a email to bien2023papers@gmail.com.

thank you.


The 22nd Basic Income Earth Network Congress
Programme Committee

22nd BIEN Congress

Organized by

Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN)


22nd BIEN Congress LOC, Basic Income Policy Laboratory, The Institute for Democracy, National Assembly’s Basic Income Research Forum, Ewha Institute for Social Sciences

22nd BIEN Congress LOC

Basic Income Korean Network (BIKN), Basic Society, Basic Income Young Researchers Network, Basic Income Youth Network (BIYN), Millennials Political Forum, Institute for Basic Income Studies (IBIS), Institute for Inclusive Society, Institute for Political & Economic Alternatives, Institute of Land And Liberty, LAB2050, Modest Free-Persons, Peasant’s Basic Income Movement Headquarters, Media Demos